“Working in harmony with the environment is something OneVirtus feel very strongly about.  It is everyone’s responsibility to protect our world.”

Here at OneVirtus, we pride ourselves on working in partnership with the environment.

We believe strongly in sustainability and are passionate about creating developments that factor in our Net Zero Carbon considerations, Social Enterprise and Social Value opportunities.  Our properties are as eco-friendly as possible, and we try to incorporate many energy saving features into each build.   Ground source heat pumps, substantial insulation, solar panels and low energy lighting are just a few of the environmentally friendly additions we often include.  Not only do these protect the environment but also help reduce energy costs for the new property dweller.


All our sites are assessed for their ecological value so that bio-diversity can and will be protected.

We are very mindful of the importance of maintaining our social and economic responsibilities to the wider community and take this into account on every single development we undertake.  We are always sympathetic to the area in which we are developing, minimising negative environmental impact and ensuring that we enhance and add appeal to surrounding properties and land.