OneVirtus are always looking to acquire land and property suitable for development. As professional developers, every building we create is in harmony with its surroundings using the highest quality materials and detailing. We create forward-thinking homes by maximising the use of land available, enabling us to offer landowners more than what they might have expected.

Why Us?

Planning and development is a complex and challenging business. Declined planning can stop development so it is crucial choosing the right partner. We have the experience and a track record in obtaining planning permissions on sites of various complexity and scale.

As trained real estate professionals, our approach is very different to most developers. Our dedicated team are passionate about creating contemporary design led homes. We have a proven track record in championing sites with planning difficulties and achieving permissions where others have been refused.

We are a friendly bunch always at hand, giving you the peace of mind knowing we are only a phone call away. We look after the whole process which includes managing any local resident’s concerns.

Gaining planning permission can be a very expensive process, but we take on all the costs, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our strong financial base enables us to offer and honour competitive prices, quickly and efficiently.

Next Steps

If you think you have a site that might be of interest, we would love to discuss your opportunity further so please call or email us.

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We are also very willing to look at opportunities that do not yet have planning.  We have a team of Planning Consultants who have a wealth of experience securing planning on some of the most difficult sites.

We will not walk away from a difficult development opportunity if we can see its potential.


OneVirtus are the perfect partners to help you grow your investment.  We have longstanding connections in the industry so are able to fully research and manage developments from start to finish.  We ensure that joint venture projects remains an investment and maximise returns.